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What is Faith Based or Faith Focused Investing?
Faith based investing, is defined as investing in those companies that serve God's mission while avoiding those that engage in, or profit from sin. Faith based investing takes a  stewardship approach to wealth management in that the goal is to preserve, grow and share wealth in a manner consistent with Biblical teachings. It is a form of socially responsible investing in which investors choose their stocks, bonds or other assets based upon principles related to a religion. Faith Based Investing is a personal choice, a conscious act that investors make to maintain consistency between what they believe and what they do with their capital.

Sometimes called biblical investing, Faith-based investing does not ignore fundamental questions any investor should ask when building a portfolio, such as what is the investor's time frame until retirement, or what is his tolerance for risk. Rather, this type of investing adds additional screens to be sure that money is going to companies that would not run counter to certain core religious principles.

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'Faith-Based' Investing — Video
Looking for financial advice? Well, many Christians are finding that all they need to know when it comes to money is in the Bible. CBS News' Susan McGinnis reports.

In God We Invest by Bobbi Dempsey, Financialedge by Investopedia.com, published April 23, 2010
Full description, definitions and resources about Faith Based investing and interest in it. Since the most recent recession started, people are looking to do more with their investments than simply earn a profit; they want to follow their values.

Faith Based Investing: An Inspired Choice by Stephanie Powers, Financialedge by Investopedia.com, published July 30, 2009. More information about faith based investing and some of the institutions and organizations that exclusively focus on how to invest in this niche area. The article even explains how in-depth screening is required to be fully compliant with faith based investing expectations

Divine Intervention – God and Your 401k by Elizabeth Trotta, Smart Money, published May 14, 2010
All about retirement plans making faith based investments available for individual investors. However, the article makes no mention of active investment options, only mutual fund companies, unlike the momentum strategy offered by Flexible Plan Investments

Faith Finance, A Boom in Religious Funds by Daren Fonda, Smart Money, published December 22, 2009
Provides insight into the recent flow into religious funds. "While most mutual fund managers place a laser-like focus on financial measures such as earnings per share and balance-sheet debt, managers of faith-based funds first check whether they think a company violates scriptural teachings."

Gotta Have Faith? Are Religious Funds the Answer? by Ruthie Ackerman, Financial-Planning.com published December 21, 2009. Discusses the process of faith investing for many people. It is a spiritual as well as a financial journey. "You can keep your faith central in your life and your financial performance doesn't have to suffer."

The Rapid Growth of Faith-Based Investing by William Donovan, About.com Socially Responsible Investing
Interesting About.com article that talks about how investing in faith based funds has helped certain investors avoid underperforming stocks or sectors. The article also shows the scale of faith based investing, "The total of assets under management in faith-based funds has grown from about less than $500 million 11 years ago to more than $31 billion today, according to Morningstar."

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